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David Pellisé Urquiza

I am pleased to welcome you to this website and explain the traits that shape our identity as an office. Pellisé Lawyers is an office which is highly specialized in intellectual property and unfair competition.

With a long career of serious rigorous work and outstanding professional achievement.A strong commitment to the defence of the interests of our clients, the ability to adapt to their needs, and the agility in counselling characterise our practice.

The members of Pellisé Lawyers place service excellence at the core of our professional vocation. With this determination, we perform a careful and thorough analysis of the issues and the applicable Law. With a firm belief in ongoing education, we pay special attention to legislative initiatives, as well as to the case law and scientific developments in the field of intellectual property and competition law, with active contribution to discussions and comments on emerging issues concerning this area, which can be found in the news section of this website.

For those issues that require collaboration with scientists, technical experts and professionals from other disciplines, we pay special care to select the ideal qualified person, taking into consideration each individual case, and we maintain the necessary coordination and involvement in the work.

Our professional guarantee lies on the lasting trust of our clients. With the confidence that we will not fall short of your expectations, we offer our professional services. Do not hesitate to contact us

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